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              We proudly introduce ourselves as the 1st company in INDIA to Manufacture Quality Prefabricated Modular Units in ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANELS, Which are popularly sold under the Trade Mark of MAGIC STRUCTURES. More Modular Homes represent both cutting-edge technology and time-tested craftsmanship. Since More Modular Homes are designed, engineered and assembled in a carefully controlled environment, there is never a chance of poor weather or late material delivery hindering the construction of your customized living environment.


     In the process of Making Some Domes in Aluminium Composite Panels for a Building Elevation, it was found that the domes occupied a very large area of a building terrace and made it practically unusable. The Domes had Dummy Windows to match the Elevation but did not have doors so a Door was made to enter the area inside the Dome and the unit became an excellent store Room. This was the beginning of the concept of making prefabricated structures in Aluminium Composite Panel.
It is the most commonly used material for Colourful Building Elevations because of its excellent properties of Waterproofing, easy Maintenance and long lasting qualities. It is good substitute to conventional waterproof paints as it does not allow any micro organisms to grow on its surface even in the most Heavy Rainfall Areas. It has proven its qualities in the very hot areas like the Desserts also where there is a lot of Shrinkage in the Building Surface due to extreme temperature variations. At present it is the most widely used material for face-lifting of building elevations in all of Asia, no other material can be better for Prefabricated Building Units than Aluminium Composite Panel. With a long life span & Vibrant Colour Shades it has given these units a very special feature of Beauty & Durability.


     The use of light weight, colourful & weatherproof Aluminium Composite Panel is an excellent solution for the exterior, but an equally Strong, Light weight & Durable material is required for the stability & strength of the prefabricated Structures. In the process of selecting the most suitable material having better properties than RCC it is seen that the only material that can replace the powerful RCC is STAINLESS STEEL. The total frame work of the Magic Structures is done in S.S 202 Material.
The first constraint in designing the prefabricated units is to make the max use of available space which is possible only with Stainless Steel as it can be used in Light weight Tubular Frames which avoids internal projections of columns between the Thin insulated wall panels. This prefabricated building unit is always placed in open areas and may have to face a Wind Pressure ranging from 150 to 200 Kmph, the frame work needs to be equally strong to hold the structure in case of Stormy Weather conditions. The tubular stainless steel frame work used in the Magic Structures is a unique design to hold Flooring, Walls & the Roofing in its place even in the most adverse conditions. Last but not the least use of stainless steel assures a Corrosion free frame work to last with the Entire Life Span of the Prefabricated Structure.


     It is extremely important to use insulated wall panels for any type of prefabricated structure, as the walls are thin and may be easily affected by the outside temperature changes. The insulating material used in Magic Structures is 50mm thick Extruded Polystyrene XPS and Expanded Polystyrene EPS which provides excellent insulation to give a natural Temperature Difference of 10 to 15 Degree Celsius from the surrounding temperature.


     Selecting a proper Flooring is very important part in Prefabricated Structures as it may be seen almost all the manufacturers are using Vinyl Flooring in Prefabricated structures. We have used 10 mm Vitrified Flooring Tiles of size 605 mm x 605 mm for MAGIC STRUCTURES which is the best of its kind in the Tiles Category. It is the first time that Removable Vitrified Tiles have been used in a Prefabricated Building Unit. It has been possible because of the patented MAGIC FRAME BOX. It is easily possible to lay a Flooring of 200 Sq Ft in 20 Minutes and Remove it in the Same time. The Tiles can be Reused & Reinstalled any number of Times. The Vitrified tiles are fixed on a tray made of Magic Frame Boxes which again interlock into one another to form the Flooring Bed. When the Tile Pallets are to be removed for shifting we have to cut the EPOXY RESIN joint fillings and the flooring can be disassembled in very few minutes. It is also very easy to carry these Tile Pallets as they are Light Weight very Sturdy in its Design.
Vitrified tiles need no special introduction but we feel it is very important to notify why these Tiles are used in MAGIC STRUCTURES. Vitrified tiles are the strongest type in Tiles Flooring always better than the conventional Ceramic Tiles. These Tiles are scratch resistant, very easy to Clean in case of Rough use such as the Construction Sites. The Mirror Finish & Nanotechnology for surface treatment provides a hygienic flooring in case of Labs & Medical Units. The surface finish of the vitrified tile gives an uniform floor level.


     Leak-proof & Heat-proof roofing are the two basic requirements of any type of Prefabricated building units. After various trials and errors a new type of roof was developed in Pre-cast Reinforced Fibre Glass which are designed specially for this Prefabricated Structures. This Roof is available in Variety of Colours and are also Repairable in case of any type of Damage. These Roofing Sheets are Light Weight and very strong to sustain in any type of extreme weather conditions.
Fibre glass products are used in a variety of Building Applications. Fibre glass units are also extensively used to make Vehicle Cabins. The main advantage of using fibre glass roofing is Prevention of Heating of the prefabricated structure. The second main reason for using Fibre Glass Roofing was to ensure a 100% Water Proof Roofing for the Magic Structures. The Repairable, Recoat able & Re-paint able features of Fibre Glass Provide a special advantage to the Magic Structures.


     It is the First Time in the History of Prefabricated Buildings that both Electrification and Plumbing are available together in Concealed type in Magic Structures. Again thanks to the Design of MAGIC FRAME BOX where it is possible to lay Electric Wires, Data Cables, Fire Extinguisher & Plumbing Water lines through The Floor, Walls & Ceiling as well. The plumbing is done in U-PVC pipes to provide Light Weight & Sturdy support to the Plumbing Fittings. The Magic Frame Box got its name from its variety of applications in the Magic Structures one of which is the features of itself being used as Concealed Electric Switch Box and that too at any given time OR at any new place on the Inner or Outer Surface of the Magic Structures Insulated Wall Panel, later during the use of the Magic Structures. The complete electrification wiring runs through a Non conductive U-PVC thus providing a additional Safety Features to the Magic Structures.


     The Door Frames used for Magic Structures are made of Specially Designed Extruded Aluminium Sections which give Air Tight Fittings to Door Shutters. Hence these Doors are very useful for Air conditioned Rooms, Temperature Controlled Rooms and Cold Storage Rooms too. The Door Frames are available in Variety of Shades in Powder Coated Colours.


     The Door Shutters used for Magic Structures are made in Preformed Door Panels made in Reinforced Fibre Glass Material with the Inner Hollow Space filled with Insulating Foam to give Strength and Temperature Insulation. The Doors are available in Both Design Panels and Plain type, with Wood Textured Surfaces. The Door Shutters are Light Weight and Long Lasting than the conventional wooden panel doors. These Door Shutters are 100% waterproof which is the most important feature of Magic Structures.


     The windows used for Magic Structures are also made of Extruded Aluminium Sections available in a Variety of Design in Fixed & Sliding Type. Most of the Windows are available with Stainless Steel Insect Screens. 3/4" series & The Latest Euro Sections are both used for the Magic Structures Depending upon the requirement of the Building Unit. Double Glass Unit (DGU) & Sealed Window Blinds are also used in the case of Temperature Controlled Units and Cold Storages.


     It is possible to fix any type of Accessory or Fitting to the inner & outer surface of Magic Structures as Self Threading Screw can be fixed on the Surface of Magic Structures. Window Curtains, Blinds, Air Conditioner Units and any type of Interior or Exterior wall hangings can be fixed to the wall Panels of these Prefabricated Structures. The main feature of Magic Structures is that it is possible to fix Solar Panels on Roofing of this Structure. The roofing of Magic Structures can withstand the live load of more than 4 to 5 persons on the Roof at any Given Time.


     All Models of Magic Structures are available with the Option of Solar Panels for Power Supply in case of Remote Area where Electric Supply is not available. The most common application of Solar Panels is the Prefabricated Security Cabins. It is also possible to fix Small Windmill on the Magic Structure The Frame Work of Magic Structure is in Stainless Steel Material & is Strong Enough to hold this wind Load also.